Folks, I’ve got news! The Release Date for My Love My Valentine, the iPad Game of Romance, is February 01, 2013!


There are two important news bytes that I must share with you.


The iPad version of My Love My Valentine (the game of romance and rivalry that has kept me busy) will be released on the App Store on February 01, 2013. This means that everyone who appreciates this fine feeling, is in for 54 levels of love, romance, thrill, envy, competition, and fun. If you are interested in figuring out how, do pay the My Love My Valentine blog a visit. Mercury has been killing herself trying to make this blog look as beautiful as the game, but she’s failing miserably. The game is so much more beautiful…but please don’t tell her that. She’s pretty touchy about her drawings these days. She wants me to tell her that Voracio the Crow looks beautiful. Now, how can anyone call that crow beautiful, is beyond me.

Here’s the icon of the game:) It features Snowy the dove who carries your love-messages to your sweetheart. Isn’t she sweet? There’s no love game like this anywhere…so check it out…of course, when it comes out on February 01, 2013! If you’d like to write about it (even before it hits the App Store,) check out with me. Just leave a comment here, and I’ll be in touch.

My Love My Valentine - A Game of Romance for iPad

Now the second news.

The next App by Grouchy Gremlins is for us!

It’s for dogs, pups, and dog-lovers, and if I may say so…it’s as cute as button. If you love dogs, you’ll have to have to have to have it! I’ll talk about it at length, in a few days from now. Mercury is hyper-excited about it and she’s already talking about cute-dog animations…(guess who’s going to have to demo the movements for her?)

PS: These two can’t accomplish anything without me, can they?

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