Picture Puzzles and Cute Dog Clocks.

Folks of Furry Folks,

I’m writing to let you know that the Grouchy Gremlins are soon coming up with something especially for the dog-loving world. So keep you ears perked up…I’ll bring you the good news in a month or so.

However, the upcoming apps are picture-puzzles of two different kinds. So if you are into picture puzzles, you are in for a treat soon:)

You may be interested in how your pal Oorvi is so busy that she doesn’t have time to blog. Being the Chief Inspiration Officer isn’t an easy task. Some of you know how demanding it can be, and though I am the best paid of the three, I am also the one on whose frail shoulders lies the responsibility of ensuring that the games and apps got out in time.

Be with you soon with some interesting K9 stuff…

Meanwhile if you haven’t yet checked out the dog-clocks for your blog, visit this link:)


Here’s the beagle dog-clock, one of the 17 clocks that you’ll find there.

The Beagle Dog-clock (Model: River) - Find more dog clocks at Doggyshire.

The Beagle Dog-clock (Model: River)

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Pencil Knight has Arrived on the App Store – Download and Start Tilting :)

Pencil Knight on App Store - A Tilting Accelerometer game of balancing pencils on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

Click or Tap to Download Pencil Knight. It’s a Free download of 24 MB:)

And Thank you, Friends. Make High-scores and post them to the Game-Center:)

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Pencil Knight is galloping towards the App Store. Balancing Pencils was never more fun!

iOS-ed friends and non-iOS-ed friends who have iOS-ed friends,

Pencil Knight can be downloaded Free and you can play with the Yellow Pencil forever and ever, on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch; and when you are done playing with the Yellow Pencil, you can unlock 5 new pencils for 5 mint-fresh balancing experiences.

Here’s why you are going to play this game with everyone you know…

Simple, intuitive Game-play!

Just hold your device flat and then tilt it left and right to balance the pencils.
Swing the pencils more to accumulate bonus points.

Traits required and honed!

∙Quick Responses
∙Excellent Eye-hand coordination
∙Strong Concentration and Unwavering Focus

Features of the Game:

∙Uses accelerometer to simulate the feel of balancing a pencil on your finger.
∙All the six pencils have their own leaderboards to help you compete on level ground with others.
∙You can challenge your Friends by emailing them your balancing-times and highscores.
∙And…you can unlock 5 New Pencils. Each new pencil is superbly crafted and smartly engineered for a new exciting balancing experience.

Here are a couple of screenshots from Pencil Knight. You’ve already seen the opening screen here.

Screen Shots of Pencil Knight

Free Download - unlimited fun! 5 New Pencils for 5 Different Experiences waiting to be unlocked! Challenge, Compete, Win on the Game Center!

Free Download – unlimited fun! 5 New Pencils for 5 Different Experiences waiting to be unlocked! Challenge, Compete, Win on the Game Center!

Pencil Balancing on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch! Pencil Knight - Yellow pencil screenshot.

How long can you balance a pencil on your finger-tip? How much can you swing it without letting it fall?

And…The funkiest pencil for the spunkiest Pencil Knight:

…and yes, here’s the red pencil with the smiley screen-shot. This is the funkiest pencil IMHO…she keeps you on your toes (oops, tips I think,) all the time, making you respond every nano-second. Is it any wonder then that it’s red in color?
Coolest tilt and play game for your iPhone or iPad - Pencil Knight for you and all your friends and family members.

Which is the most challenging pencil in Pencil Knight? IMHO, it’s the Red Pencil, ironically with a smiley!

I’ll post the next update when Pencil Knight arrives in the US App Store tomorrow:) Until then happy hopeful wags to all of you.

Tip for running up Scores in Pencil Knight:

Controlled Swinging of the Pencil will fetch you bonus points. Shhhh!

What? You can’t see the tip? It’s right above this line. Call K9 forces to sniff it out:)

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Pencil Knight – A Tilt-and-Play Accelerometer iOS Game to play with Friends and Family.

Furry Folks,

The Gremlins had been busy…tinkering away, in that workshop of theirs…creating stuff that only humans can play with. They’ve now made this game  in which you balance six different pencils by tilting your iPad or iPhone left or right, and everyone in the family has played it except Ms. Oorvi. Not that I didn’t try, but it isn’t easy to hold an i-thingy without opposable thumbs. Now I really didn’t want to break their testing devices so after failing once, I kept away. I keep hearing about their plans of making some cool Oodgets…keeping my paws crossed.

Now about Pencil Knight…

It’s coming to the App Store on April 20th (Saturday) and it’s Free so if your humans have got an iPad or iPhone or iPod touch…

Icon of Pencil Knight for ipad and iphone - the addictive accelerometer game to play with family and friends.

…I’d recommend that you don’t let your human brothers and sisters paw the game from the App Store, even though it’s Free – they are going to be addicted to it and then they’ll get Mom n Dad and Gram and Gramps to play it too. Think of the ruckus they are going to make. All for what? For balancing a pencil on their finger-tip? And then they’ll try to beat each-other’s scores! Crazy stuff, if you ask me.

I saw these two squabble over beating each other’s score! Imagine that?! Now the Red Pencil with the yellow smiley is supposed to be the toughest to balance (this is insider-info, don’t tell them that I told you…you know what happened to that guy, Rajat Gupta…don’t you?)

Anyway, here’s a picture of the opening screen…

Pencil Knight - An Addicting Tilt and Play Accelerometer Game of pencil balancing for ipad, iphone, and ipod touch

I’ll bring you screenshots from the game tomorrow. (Got to keep the Gremlins motivated. If you check out the Credits screen, you’ll know that I am in-charge of motivation.)

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Folks, I’ve got news! The Release Date for My Love My Valentine, the iPad Game of Romance, is February 01, 2013!


There are two important news bytes that I must share with you.


The iPad version of My Love My Valentine (the game of romance and rivalry that has kept me busy) will be released on the App Store on February 01, 2013. This means that everyone who appreciates this fine feeling, is in for 54 levels of love, romance, thrill, envy, competition, and fun. If you are interested in figuring out how, do pay the My Love My Valentine blog a visit. Mercury has been killing herself trying to make this blog look as beautiful as the game, but she’s failing miserably. The game is so much more beautiful…but please don’t tell her that. She’s pretty touchy about her drawings these days. She wants me to tell her that Voracio the Crow looks beautiful. Now, how can anyone call that crow beautiful, is beyond me.

Here’s the icon of the game:) It features Snowy the dove who carries your love-messages to your sweetheart. Isn’t she sweet? There’s no love game like this anywhere…so check it out…of course, when it comes out on February 01, 2013! If you’d like to write about it (even before it hits the App Store,) check out with me. Just leave a comment here, and I’ll be in touch.

My Love My Valentine - A Game of Romance for iPad

Now the second news.

The next App by Grouchy Gremlins is for us!

It’s for dogs, pups, and dog-lovers, and if I may say so…it’s as cute as button. If you love dogs, you’ll have to have to have to have it! I’ll talk about it at length, in a few days from now. Mercury is hyper-excited about it and she’s already talking about cute-dog animations…(guess who’s going to have to demo the movements for her?)

PS: These two can’t accomplish anything without me, can they?

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Here again…and with some good news! My Love My Valentine is almost here :)

Folks…furry and non-furry kinds, They’ve resurfaced. I’ve been thinking that they had died and that there were two robots sitting on their computers instead. Dinner time and walk time were the only two times when I saw a faint shimmer of my humans in these two. But after about 3 months, I’ve got them back. Yes! The new game is up, and we know in our heart of hearts that you are going to fall in love, once again. Why? Because you deserve to. Because love is something that should be felt and experienced everyday by everyone…and that romantic love, specifically, is forever. Doesn’t matter if it was lost once, it can be found again. Doesn’t matter if it was young once, it can be made young again – because no matter what age you are, love is always young and whenever you experience it, it transfers its youth to you.

Now let me talk about My Love My Valentine – A Game of Romantic Courtship – MLMV HD!

Actually, the title tells you a bit, but only a bit. There’s a lot more to it. To start with, it’s got 54 increasingly exciting and thrilling levels of gameplay, and you play these levels in 6 different romantic locations. The goal: Woo your sweetheart by writing love-messages and giving them to your trusty dove who delivers them to your sweetheart. But then, things aren’t that easy. Everyone who’s been in love knows that a game of love is incomplete without a rival and your rival “obviously” doesn’t want you to win.

So you encounter challenges that your rival sends to stop you from sending love-notes to your sweetheart. These challenges take the form of burning matchsticks and fireballs, a persistent crow who’s after your writing material, a grouchy pixie who zaps everything that comes in her way, a crapping pigeon, and a hungry mouse (yes, he’s is Blopty Scrabbins – the bachelor mouse.) As you clear the levels, you also get an opportunity to email to your sweetheart, 54 original love messages printed on a beautiful image! I’ll write more about it.

Right now, I’ll leave you with a link to the My Love My Valentine Blog. The poem tells you a lot about the game:) If you’ve got an iPad, and if you love the thrill of being in love, you’ll love this game. I need to pull Mercury away from the computer so that she gives me something to eat. (Don’t ask how my Dentastix got replaced by Carrots…now that they are off this game, I hope they’ll go out, buy some chicken, and replenish the freezer, which is beginning to resemble Antarctica!)

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Happy New Year – Dear Dogs and Cats of the World!

My dear furry friends,

We’d like to wish you and your families a very Happy New Year:)

Here’s a simple card that we created to wish you a a Happy 2013! If you like it, you are welcome to use it on your blog or send it your friends. (Doggyshire’s our new home. We are still trying to organize it, and the best news is that we’ll also have the Oodget shoppe where all the pups and kitties be able to buy Oodgets for licks n wags!

Happy New Year 2013 - A pup's cartoon card with a new year wish.

May this year bring happiness, success and health to you and your family.
May this year bring peace and harmony to the world.

See you in the New Year:)

PS: If you are the resolution-making kind, you may want to check out this post that promises to help you keep them, on Doggyshire’s K9Wisdom blog.

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